Super Bowl Follow-Up; Dilly Dilly, Philly Philly


After watching many of the advertisements from Super Bowl LII again, I have decided that the most effective ad was the Bud Light ad entitled “The Bud Knight”.  The ad features a scene from a medieval battle in which the Bud Knight comes in and was hoped to save the smaller army.  The Bud Knight then says “time to do what must be done” before riding his horse to a convenience store, going inside the futuristic store (futuristic for medieval times) and exiting with a 24-pack of Bud Light saying “I did it”.  He then rides back through the battle where he says he will not be fighting with them because a buddy of his “was having a 30th birthday thing”.  He then invites the army if they were to survive.  And then he scares off the enemies with his sword.  The end of that features a shot of the beverage and says “here’s to the friends you can always count on”.

I believe this ad was effective because it promoted responsible drinking and was rather clever.  The ad included the popular “dilly dilly” catchphrase the company has been using recently.  This ad also connects to me personally as a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan.  I watched my team win their first Super Bowl in franchise history and drove eight hours to Philadelphia to join my family, who shares a love for the team, at the Eagles parade on Broad Street, a day that was officially declared “Philly Philly” day by the city of Philadelphia and Bud Light themselves.  As I walked around the city with my dad, who had waited his whole life for that moment, the chants of “Philly Philly” were inescapable.  Bud Light agreed to provide beers for the entire city if the Eagles won the Super Bowl before the season started and followed through on that promise on Philly Philly day.  Although I did not get to partake, as I am underage, seeing a city notorious for being ruthless and mean come together in unison was truly special, and I had never seen so many Bud Light cans in one place.  And that free Bud Light my dad got was “the best beer of his life”.

Twice throughout the day, a sky writing drone flew through the sky and wrote the words “Dilly Dilly Philly Philly” above the estimated, but disputed, 700-000 people at the parade (some believe there were upwards of three million attendees).  Kelly green tee shirts being sold by street vendors throughout the city read “Philly Philly”.  Bud Light, in my opinion, was the most effective all around advertiser throughout the NFL season, let alone in the Super Bowl.  Their meaningless catchphrase of “dilly dilly” has been a mainstay for football fans and Bud Light drinkers alike, thanks to brilliant marketing from the popular beer company.


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