The Binge Breaker

  1. “The Binge Breaker” by Bianca Bosker, addresses the questions of the harmful effects our devices may have on us as a society. It also questions the software developers intentions and somewhat blames them for making them so addicting.
  2. The intended audience for this piece is more or less, everyone. More and more people are becoming addicted to their smartphones, people of all generations, and this piece try’s to enlighten all users on the addictiveness of our technologies.
  3. Bosker supports her thesis with quotes and pieces from a reliable source in Tristan Harris. Harris is very credible on the subject and states the steps being taken within the technology industry to try and cure people’s addictions.
  4. The author hooks the reader by beginning with a story of Harris at a retreat, where he was “unplugged” from the outside world; he had to surrender all technology. This is something that most people reading the article couldn’t even begin to imagine, thus we are intrigued by the possibility that someone such as Harris could do it.
  5. Bosker seems to make herself credible in that she uses lots of evidence and quotes rather than personal anecdotes. She refers to Harris throughout the piece, as well as a few other credible sources she quotes.
  6. My beliefs on the subject are very similar. I too believe people are increasingly addicted to their phones and laptops and that it can be very bad, but those same devices can also be very good.  I agree that we need to isolate ourselves from them a little bit and take steps toward becoming less dependent on them.
  7. I respond to this text by agreeing with Harris and Bosker, it seems that facebook, twitter, snapchat, and other companies, are doing borderline unethical things within their platforms to keep users engaged and addicted to checking them. I agree that steps should be taken by the software developers to make people feel less dependent on their products.
  8. The authors purpose for writing was to enlighten people on the subject and share Harris’s story, while my purpose for writing is purely academic, although with an element toward learning more about the subject myself.

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